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My Brother's Keeper of Bethesda, Inc.

A Charity With Kids In Mind!

About Us

My Brother's Keeper of Bethesda (MBKoB) is based on the belief that everyone deserves a second chance, particularly if they have children. Our entire team is committed to meeting the needs of the homeless by achieving the highest percentage of employment for them. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and demonstrate how your donation has helped these homeless people become tax-paying citizens again.

MBKoB is a 501(c)3 public charity with the primary mission of assisting the homeless in their search for gainful employment through the Job Recovery Program (JRP). The key points of JRP are listed below:

1. Benefits of the program:





Clothing (suit) and footwear for the homeless candidate.

Relocation of the homeless candidate to the job site.

Food, lodging, utilities and checking account with petty cash until first paycheck.

Relocation of the rest of the family for reunification.

2. The registration process is as follows:




From any computer in the contiguous US, such as from a public library, an applicant sends a

request for help to the email address advertised in public shelters, churches, and so forth.

Immediately upon receiving the call-for-help email, or while visiting a public shelter, a church or the like, an MBKoB case worker responds to meet the homeless and explain the program.

If the homeless agrees to the terms of the JRP, including relocation, then the Case Worker assists the homeless with the completion of the application.

3. The registration form authorizes MBKoB to:



Perform background checks on the applicants.

Submit job applications on their behalf.

4. As soon as MBKoB receives at least one offer for employment, a background check is performed, and if

clear, the applicant is notified that he/she qualifies for the benefits offered by the MBKoB program.

5. If the applicant agrees with the terms and conditions of the program, including the likelihood of relocation,

then applicant signs the acceptance form and becomes eligible for all the benefits of MBKoB as a client.

6. The acceptance form authorizes MBKoB to:



Evaluate the performance of the client at the establishment of employment.

Monitor family purchases (no drugs or alcohol).

Board of Directors

Mr. William Baker - President and CEO

Ms. Mabintou Timite - Vice President

Mrs. Robin Beth Baker - Secretary and Treasurer

Mr. Mark Mendizabal - Director

Mr. Prasad Dasari - Director

Mr. George Respeto - Director